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Water Damage Extraction and Repairing the Flooring in Lakeland

Water damage is one of the main concerns for homeowners. It can be caused due to a leaky roof, basement flooding, or even plumbing leaks. Significant water damage to your floors can result in creating carpet odor and mold growth. The only way to prevent water damage is by keeping the floors dry and repairing leaks promptly. In an unfortunate incident of water damage on your floors, Cheifs Floor Care is equipped to help you clean up the mess right away.


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Water damage can happen to any home or business. Turning to a local provider will help you get the issue resolved quickly and support local at the same time!

Eliminating carpet odor caused by water damage

First things first, to remove carpet odor, start by water damage cleanup. Carpets should then be inspected for any possible cases of mold. During this process, it’s imperative to ensure excess moisture doesn’t get beneath the surface. It can cause a musty odor in the future. 

We then use humidifiers and floor fans to get the carpets completely dry. Areas that are most affected are cleaned further using eco-friendly cleaning products.

Mold remediation caused due to water damage

The process of cleaning your floors for effective mold remediation can be a little tedious. It involves cleaning, killing, and removing mold spores from your space. In extreme cases, you may have to remove and replace the carpets. But, with the help of professional water damage extraction services, you can possibly have it cleaned effectively. We, at Cheif Floor Care, use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are not toxic on your floors for mold care. The floors are then scrubbed, rinsed, and dried up using special devices like HEPA vacuum.

Water damage on wood flooring

Cleaning hardwood floors that are water damaged requires extensive care. At first, the floorboards and the area beneath them must be dried up. If there is any mildew, they are eliminated with eco-friendly disinfectants. Water damage extraction on hardwood floors can be a little intimidating if you are new to it. But with professional help, this can be a seamless process too.

What does water damage extraction involve? 


  1. Identify the source of water flow that is causing the damage to your floor. Water damage extraction cannot begin until the source is deactivated or turned off.
  2. To avoid any further damage, remove any visible pockets of water. You could use a wet vacuum or pump to drain the water away.
  3. Using professional water damage extraction tools, inspect for any non-visible water damage that can cause mold issues for your home in the future.

    Chief’s floor care has helped hundreds of houses with water damage extraction in Lakeland. While you may read the process and think it could be easy, but with professional help, you’ll be risk-free. We inspect, extract, and re-inspect to ensure we haven’t missed a spot that can possibly result in an expensive fix. Don’t take it upon yourself to clear up the damage when professionals can help you with the right remedy. As floor care experts, we can provide you with an absolute hassle-free floor cleaning service for your home.