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Commercial and Business Floor Cleaning in Lakeland

Tiled, vinyl, or hardwood floors, carpet, no matter what your flooring might be, we have the right solution for you. Cheifs floor care has been taking up commercial floor cleaning projects in Lakeland for over 7 years now. And we have become the experts in ensuring your floors are clean without causing any safety hazards. What’s more? We only use eco-friendly cleaning products for floor care. Our specialists take utmost care to follow all the guidelines of health and safety at work.


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When it comes to commercial spaces, floor care would depend upon the type of flooring. For instance, in comparison to tile floors, commercial hardwood floors require additional maintenance. Let’s take a quick look at the different processes for tiles, hardwood, and concrete floors.

Commercial tile flooring

  •  Start by vacuuming the area to ensure it’s clean and all large debris is removed. 
  •  All or any obstacles, including trash bins are removed. 
  •  Use eco-friendly tile cleaner. We use one ounce of cleaner per gallon of water. 
  •  Tiles are scrubbed to eliminate all dirt. Each and every corner of the space is scrubbed to get the tiles sparkly clean. In case of yellow stain on tiles, we strip the wax with a concentrated cleaner and automatic scrubber.
  •  Air mover is set up to have the floor dry.



Commercial vinyl flooring

  •  At first, vacuum the floors to remove all dirt that has accumulated from vinyl floors.
  •  Using a mop and eco-friendly detergent, the floors are cleaned in a figure-eight motion. 
  •  The floor is then cleaned with clear water to get rid of the detergent. 
  •  Using air mover, vinyl floors are dried. 
  •  In case of dull, discolored, or dented vinyl, appropriate steps are to be taken as preventative measures.

Concrete floors

  •  With concrete floors, it’s highly recommended to clean and dust the floors daily to keep away dirt and dust particles. 
  • Concrete floors are scrubbed with an automatic floor scrubber to eliminate all stains and spills.
  • The floor is cleaned with an eco-friendly cleaning solution and water mixture. 
  • To break through the grease and dirt on concrete floors, we recommend the cleaning solution be left on the floor (but without letting it dry).
  • Concrete floors are then rinsed with clear water and a clean mop. 
  • Air mover is used to dry up the concrete floors thoroughly.

Commercial hardwood floors

  • Start by deep cleaning your hardwood floors to remove any large dust particles or debris. 
  • Hardwood floors are then mopped with the eco-friendly solution of cleaner mixed with water.
  • Using clean water and rinsed mop, the hardwood floors are cleaned again
  • – Air mover is then used to dry the space before water is absorbed into the hardwood floors.
  • Floors are resealed for an additional layer of protection.

    As a trusted commercial floor cleaning company in Lakeland, we offer reliability, expertise, and professional service. Contact Cheif Floor for any commercial floor cleaning solutions. Our floor care specialist will arrive at your location to assess the floor, provide a quote and come up with the right cleaning method for your floors.