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Carpet Cleaning in Lakeland

Hot water extraction process, carpet shampooing, steaming, and bonnet cleaning are some of the most common techniques adopted to clean carpets professionally. We have created a comprehensive guide on the 12-steps to effective carpet cleaning.


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Top 5 reasons why you must get your carpet cleaned by professionals 

  • Professional carpet cleaning helps remove dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens. It reduces the risk of cold and flu, amongst several other health problems. 
  • Lets your family breathe easier and healthier without having to compromise with unpleasant and stuffy air. 
  • Improves the life of your carpet and the appearance too. 
  • Eliminates any bad odor from your carpet. 

    What is our 12 step process of carpet cleaning?


    1. Pre-inspection of your carpets: Before we get started, our technicians will visit your home for a pre-inspection of your carpet and identify all the problem areas. This evaluation identifies stains and sets expectations with the homeowners.
    2. Commercial pre-vacuum: This is one of the most important steps in carpet cleaning for your home. To eliminate dry soil from the carpets, they are vacuumed thoroughly using Turbine Vacuum System.
    3. Moving furniture: All your movable furniture will be shifted around before we apply the pre-conditioning agent.
    4. Pre-spray: An eco-friendly preconditioning solution is applied to the carpet. This will help us break down traffic area soil and spots for further cleaning.
    5.  Pre-spot: We use dedicated solutions in problem areas with spots and stains. Once they are pre-treated, it will help with the removal too.
    6. Pre-groom: We use a carpet groomer or rotary brush to pre-groom your carpets. This step helps us loosen the soil on your carpet further.
    7. Extracting soil : We use a powerful extraction cleaning system to extract soil and rinse your carpet. Our technician works hard to ensure no sticky residue is left behind and that your carpets are not over wet.
    8. Neutralizer: As a follow-up to the previous step, we pH balance the carpet to make it soft, like new, and to ensure no sticky residue is left behind.
    9. Post spot treatment: After the initial spot treatment, if there are stains that are adamant, we apply special spotting solutions to eliminate permanent stains. We then follow up this process with a professional carpet protector for the longevity of your carpet.
    10. Post grooming your carpet: Post grooming the carpet helps it revive its old charm back. The carpet pile also dries faster and stays in the right way.
    11. Drying the carpet: We use high-velocity air movers to help dry the carpet faster and effectively.
    12. A final inspection: Once we are done with the carpet cleaning, our technicians will inspect the house to make sure the job is done well and exceeds your expectation.

      As a professional carpet cleaning service provider in Lakeland, we understand the needs of the homeowner. We work hard to ensure your carpets are free from dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens. Having clean carpets at home helps your family breathe better and reduce any potential health risks. If you are looking for a professional to help you with a hassle-free carpet cleaning service for your home in Lakeland, reach out to us today.