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Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning in Lakeland

Area rugs aesthetically bring all of the rooms together, but have you ever considered deep cleaning? And no, we are not just talking about vacuum cleaning your rugs. Elaborately designed area rugs are great to have, but no one fancies a grubby rug for their home. It’s important to deep clean your area and oriental rugs every now and then, especially if you have pets and kids and home. As a professional area and oriental rug cleaners in Lakeland, we have created a quick guide to take you through the process.


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Importance of cleaning your rugs

When it comes to cleaning rugs, you should always try and pick the middle ground. When you clean it too often, the fibers tend to get worn out, but if you don’t clean it, dirt tends to accumulate and can cause health concerns. As experts, we recommend you vacuum these rugs once every two weeks and deep clean them once every 6-8 months. This will enhance the beauty of your space and help you get rid of all dirt.

    What is our process of cleaning rugs?


    1. Detailed inspection of your rug: We start by inspecting your rug to determine the fiber construction of your premium rug, the best method to clean, and what product would best suit your rug. We also investigate for any damages, like dry and wet rot, mold and mildew, stains, pet odors, and waste.
    2. Compressed Air Dusting: In this process, we use large volumes of cool, and dry air to eliminate dust from your rug. You’ll be amazed to see how much dust, dirt, and small particles may have accumulated in your rug.
    3. Rug Cleaning – wash and rinse: We want you to have your premium rug back without any damage or fading colors. Before we get to wash, we check for colorfastness. Using our eco-friendly cleaning solutions mixed in clear water, we rinse your rug to deep clean it. All removable stains, dirt, and odours are washed out by our technicians.
    4. Air drying the rug: For natural and gentle rug care, we determine the best drying method. Depending on the fiber of your rug, we’ll either go for air-drying or simply hang it to dry.
    5. Grooming: Post drying, our technicians ensure the rug is restored back to its original glory. We groom and trim the fringes, and hand combs them. 
    6. Apply rug fiber protector, and insect repellent: If you prefer, we can also take an additional step to prevent your rug from future damage.  We apply moth, carpet beetle, and insect larvae deterrent, and fiber protector to prolong the life of your area and oriental rug.

      Chiefs floor care specializes in the area and oriental rug cleaning for homes in Lakeland. We have helped hundreds of homeowners get their space cleaned and sparkly. As professionals, we will come over to your home to inspect your rug and determine an estimate for your rug. If you are looking for some professional help, contact us right away.